Steel Modular Prefabricated 20ft Flat Pack Containers

Informations de base
Lieu d'origine: La Chine
Nom de marque: Sussman
Certification: CE; ISO
Numéro de modèle: TELS
Quantité de commande min: 1 ensemble
Prix: USD1500 per set
Détails d'emballage: Feuille de plastique
Capacité d'approvisionnement: 50 ensembles par jour
Type de produit: Chambres de conteneur Taille: 20ft 40ft
Accessoires: Gal, vis taraudeuse, rivet, boulon et scellant Fenêtre: Fenêtre en PVC ou fenêtre en acier en plastique
Mur: EPS, laine de roche, panneau sandwich PU application: Hôtel, villa, appartement, immeuble de bureaux

Prefabricated Flat Pack Containers


20FT Flat Pack Containers


Prefab Flat Pack Containers


Steel Luxury Modular Prefabricated Granny Flat Fold Container House Prefab Camp House Prefab Stackable Container Home


Brief Description

1) All steel fabric parts and the size of prefab house can be made according to clients' requirement.
2) The prefab house is low cost, durable structure, convenient relocation , and environment-protection,
3) The material of prefab house is light and easily to installation. one 50 square meter house five workers 1-3days finished installation, save manpower and time.

4) All the materials of prefab house can cycle-use, Meeting the require of environment protection in the world. Special is in the large-scale house projects in the developed region.
5) We used the high quality galvanized sheet and foam as the materials of the wall and roof .So the prefab house is good for fire proofing, water proofing, etc
6) Support frame system of steel prefab house: Q235B China stander steel structural. Square tube, Channel steel, etc

Construction site. Office building.
Woker living house. School. Canteen. Recreation room.
Washing room,Laundry room,Chicken farm.warehouse.
Outdoor temporary Dormitory. Lobby. Office. Bathroom.

Installation/Loading Time:
Each worker can assemble 20-30 square meters every day.
6 worker can finish 300sqm prefab house in 2 days.
Loading: 320 square meters can be loaded in one 40 feet shipping(used 50mm wall panel,20mm roof tile)

For clients information:
It will be very much helpful if clients can provide the following information:
a. Design drawing or layout plan if you have.
b. The dimension: length, width, height, windows and doors dimensions, etc.
c. The function of building, and if need, the interior equipment etc.
d. The class of building: one, two or three story.
e. Special requirement on function: such as water system, electricity installation, or other requirements etc


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